Mayor Jim Watson, Councillor Steve Desroches and Councillor Allan Hubley, today presented the Mayor’s City Builder Award to the Majic 100 Morning Show hosts, Stu Schwartz, whom everyone knows as Stuntman Stu, Angie Poirier and Trisha Owens for their outstanding community service and public advocacy in raising awareness about bullying.
Being a victim of bullying himself in high school, Stu knew only too well the effects that bullying can have on a young person. In September 2011 after hearing so many stories in the media about bullying, Stu and his Majic Morning Show co-hosts Angie and Trisha decided to take action to generate public awareness about bullying and to help youth deal with its effects.

With the creation of the #NoMoreBullies hashtag, Stu, Angie and Trish now spend most Tuesday mornings visiting schools in the Ottawa area reaching out to youth about the reality of bullying. They, and their guest speakers, share their own stories of personal struggles with bullying and how they got help. Their presentations also provide youth with valuable community resources where help is available including violence and abuse prevention programs, the Youth Services Bureau Crisis Line and the Kids Help Line.

The #NoMoreBullies campaign includes a strong social media presence with its own Facebook page with close to 2000 fans and up to 100 people talking about the topic at any given time. The program has also generated local media interest and celebrity participation bringing the message to an even wider audience.

The Majic Morning Show team is already in their second year of #NoMoreBullies with no plans of slowing down. Not only are they helping those being bullied, but are also encouraging others to be part of the solution by being an active participant in bullying prevention.