GATINEAU-OTTAWA – Convened by Mayors Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin and Jim Watson, the Joint Transportation Working Group held its first meeting today at Ottawa City Hall. Mayors Pedneaud-Jobin and Watson were accompanied by the chairs of their cities’ committees responsible for transportation issues, namely:

  • Stephen Blais, Chair, Transit Commission, City of Ottawa
  • Myriam Nadeau, Chair, Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO)
  • Keith Egli, Chair, Transportation Committee, City of Ottawa
  • Audrey Bureau, Chair, Commission sur les transports, les déplacements durables et la sécurité, City of Gatineau
  • as well as the management of OC Transpo and STO.

The meeting was called to follow up on the historic agreement signed between Ottawa and Gatineau on May 26, 2017, announcing the creation of the Joint Transportation Working Group, as well as on the July 14 announcement regarding the Group’s mandate and membership. As a reminder, the Group has been mandated to study and make recommendations on questions related to interprovincial transportation, including active transportation, as well as any transportation infrastructure projects likely to have impacts on both sides of the Ottawa River.

Opening of the Confederation Line

In line with these objectives, the two parties revisited the integration of the STO’s services with the O-Train Confederation Line, which will open in Ottawa later this year. Jointly developed operational plans will be implemented once the light rail system enters service.

City-building Transit System in West-End Gatineau

Furthermore, City of Gatineau representatives took the opportunity to update their counterparts in Ottawa about planning efforts and feasibility studies related to the implementation of a city-building transit system in west-end Gatineau. Studies will continue, but the two cities share the long-term hope of integrating their respective transit systems thanks to compatible modes of transportation, including the Prince of Wales Bridge.

Long-Term Planning: Ottawa-Gatineau Vision 2050

The Working Group agreed to pursue, over the coming years, efforts to develop a common long-term vision for the optimal integration of the two cities’ transportation networks.

Ottawa-Gatineau Vision 2050 would provide a roadmap for measures related to transit, as well as active and road transportation, taking into account the future needs of our users while focusing on the sustainable development of the National Capital Region.

The Ottawa-Gatineau Vision 2050 process would begin by holding consultations with motorists, public transit users, cyclists and pedestrians from both sides of the Ottawa River, in order to better understand their habits and needs. It would then seek to identify measures capable of supporting optimal network integration and more synchronized travel. Such measures would ultimately lead to the increased use of transit and active transportation, as well as carpooling, thereby contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and providing our residents with a healthier environment and a greener future.

The Joint Transportation Working Group’s next meeting will be held in the summer of 2018.