Ottawa has been blessed to have Max Keeping as an important part of its local family for as long as anyone can remember. As a journalist, he was a part of our dinner hour every night as he shared important stories of our city and our world. As a community leader, he worked tirelessly to raise funds to help children get healthy, stay positive, and reach their full potential.

Max devoted every part of himself to the people and the challenges around him. Even as Max battled cancer in recent years, he did so with his trademark brand of positivity. Even in his most difficult times, he still found a way to inspire us to build a better community.

As we remember Max, we will remember a man who encouraged us all to reach higher and dream bigger. He leaves with us a community legacy that is ours to protect and build upon. This legacy is to be a city that protects its most vulnerable, that cheers each other on, and approaches the future with a sense of hope and optimism.