LETTER FROM MAYOR JIM WATSON (sent on May 13, 2022)

Dear party leaders and candidates in Nepean, Carleton and Kanata-Carleton,

The fact that you are seeking office in the upcoming provincial election indicates that you are committed to your community and to the residents of Ottawa. I commend you on your commitment to public service, which is a noble calling, and I wish you the best of luck on Election Day.

As the Mayor of Ottawa, I also wish to ask you a question on an issue of great importance to the future of Ottawa, particularly in your ridings, which will all benefit from significant investments in Stage 3 LRT: As the construction of Stage 2 LRT continues to Orléans, Riverside South, the Ottawa International Airport, Algonquin College and Moodie Drive, the City of Ottawa has now approved two Environmental Assessments that set the stage for the extension of LRT to Kanata/Stittsville in the west and Barrhaven in the south.

As part of Stage 3 LRT, the City will bring the comfort and environmental benefits of rail to some of Ottawa’s fastest growing communities. Does your party commit to negotiating with the City regarding funding 50 per cent of Ottawa’s Stage 3 LRT project?

I would appreciate it if you would kindly reply by May 26, so that we can share your responses with residents ahead of the June 2nd election. I look forward to hearing from you.


Jim Watson


City of Ottawa


Dear Mayor Watson,

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we stand in support of the City of Ottawa as the clean-up after the devastating storm continues. Utility workers are working around the clock to get power restored as quickly as possible for the residents of Ottawa.

Thank you for your letter regarding the City of Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit (LRT) project.

Doug Ford and our Ontario PC team appreciate hearing directly from our municipal partners. We are proud of the strong relationships we built with all of Ontario’s 444 municipalities. We will continue to listen to them to hear what tools and resources they need to address local challenges in their communities.

Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs are getting it done and building transit across Ontario, including an investment of more than $1.8 billion to support building the Ottawa LRT.

As recently as November 2019, our Ontario PC team partnered with the City of Ottawa and the Federal Government on Stage 2 of the project. The Ontario PC government provided the City of Ottawa with a maximum of $1.208 billion to build the Ottawa Stage 2 LRT project. This project will add 44 kilometres of new rail and 24 new stations, and consists of three light rail extensions:

· Confederation Line east to Trim Road

· Confederation Line west to Moodie Drive and southwest to Algonquin College

· Trillium Line south to Limebank Road, with a spur to the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport

We are going to continue to work with the City of Ottawa to ensure Stage 3 of the Ottawa LRT is completed with provincial support in a way that respects taxpayer dollars and provides value for money.

Our team is committed to ensuring the people of Ottawa have a safe and reliable public transit system.


Ontario PC Party Campaign



Yes. New Democrats believes everyone deserves access to affordable, reliable transit that gets you where you need to go safely. The NDP would restore provincial funding for municipal public transit and paratransit systems to 50% of their net operating costs. We will work with municipalities to improve service, reduce wait times and make municipal transit systems more affordable. The NDP is committed to funding Ontario’s share of Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit program, including expansion to Kanata and to Barrhaven.

Melissa Coenraad

Candidate – Kanata-Carleton


Yes. The Ontario NDP believes access to safe and affordable public transit is essential. The NDP would restore provincial funding for municipal public transit and paratransit systems to 50% of their net operating costs. The NDP is committed to funding Ontario’s share of Ottawa’s LRT program, including expansion to Kanata and Barrhaven.

Kevin St. Denis

Candidate – Carleton


Dear Mayor Watson,

Thank you for writing regarding the City of Ottawa’s priorities.

An Ontario Liberal government is committed to expanding public transit and slashing fares to a buck-a-ride until 2024 which will get 400,000 car trips off the road each day.

I’m happy to confirm that our Liberal Plan for Ontario, A Place to Grow, commits to 50% provincial funding for Stage 3 of Ottawa’s regional transit plan, applying the lessons learned from the first two stages. Our plan also commits to working with federal partners to advance High Frequency Rail service between Toronto, Ottawa and Québec.

An Ontario Liberal government will be a true partner with the City of Ottawa to address the impacts of the pandemic and advance accessible and affordable public transit. Our plan also includes commitments to:

● Build new hospitals, including 640 beds in a new Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus by 2028 and a new 1door4care hub at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario to serve kids and teens with special needs, medical complexity or facing mental health challenges

● Build 10,000 new affordable homes in Ottawa over the next ten years

● Support 26,000 more seniors in Ottawa with our Home Care First Guarantee Ontario can be a place to grow, if we make the right choices.

We need to rebuild what’s always made us strong. Education. Health care. Public services that support working families. They’re all key to a better future and economic dignity for our families. That’s what motivates our Liberal team to work relentlessly for all of Ontario. That’s what’s at the core of our competent and inclusive plan to deliver for families.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to discuss this further.


Steven Del Duca


Ontario Liberal Party