Ottawa – The 2012 Public Survey on Policing Services was released today highlighting satisfaction in the community with the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) and continued public concerns with speeding and aggressive drivers.

Consistent with previous surveys, satisfaction with the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is very high; more than four out of five residents (81%) are satisfied, with only four percent being dissatisfied. While this number represents a slight decrease from 2008 (86%), it remains high and comparable to 2006 (84%) and is higher than 2002 (72%).

According to the survey, conducted by Leger Marketing and Research Inc., satisfaction with police services is high for those who have had direct contact with officers. In terms of public confidence in the OPS, three-in-five Ottawa residents (60%) have high or utmost confidence in the OPS, and 33 percent report moderate confidence.

“This is the sixth public survey we have conducted and all have provided valuable information about what the public expects from our police service,” said Councillor Eli El-Chantiry, Chair of the Ottawa Police Services Board. “The continued overall satisfaction with policing services is good news.”

The survey indicates that perceptions of crime are the most positive ever reported and will be presented to the Ottawa Police Services Board at its meeting Monday night.

The top five concerns in the City were speeding/aggressive driving, presence of drugs/dealers, youth crime, street gangs and break and enter.

“Not only does the survey provide accountability of our performance to the community, it assists us in setting future directions to take in improving our service to citizens,” said Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau.  “I am pleased with the overall satisfaction and I know that residents are asking for more in terms of visibility and interaction with police and traffic enforcement.”

Further analysis of the Public Survey is currently underway, including an interpretation of key findings at the district and ward levels, and will be available by mid-June.

The survey was conducted using a mail-to-online format to a total of 16,000 households. A total of 3,147 citizens participated in the survey between February 10th and April 8th 2012, representing a response rate of 20.4 percent (from 15,464 valid mail-outs).  Results are deemed accurate to within a margin of error of ±1.75 percentage points, 19 times out of 20