Soon, anyone who is put on hold after dialing the City of Ottawa will hear local music while they wait. This is the goal of #ottmusik, a new City initiative launched by Mayor Jim Watson today with a call to local musicians.

“#ottmusik offers a new platform for local musicians to introduce and share their music with a wider audience,” said Mayor Watson. “I hope all Ottawa residents and music fans share my enthusiasm for this project and my excitement about hearing the music samples that will be submitted to #ottmusik.”

Musicians who meet the submission guidelines have until January 12 to submit music samples through the City’s website, After, residents will be encouraged to support their favourites through Facebook and on Twitter. Public feedback will help decide which songs are selected.

“With #ottmusik the City of Ottawa is furthering its commitment to provide new opportunities to Ottawa’s cultural community, while offering citizens an enhanced and unique experience when they call,” said Bay Ward Councillor Mark Taylor, who was master of ceremonies during today’s launch. “The City wants to show its appreciation for local musicians by helping them to reach a broader audience.”

An overview of the submission/selection process:

  • Interested artists can submit music, instrumental or with lyrics, in the language and style of their choice.
  • All submissions will be reviewed by a committee of select professional musicians from the Ottawa area who will recommend up to 20 songs for use on the phone systems.
  • Once the selected songs have been compiled, five to seven new songs will be showcased every three months through the phone systems.

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