Ottawa – The City of Ottawa unveiled its new Musician and Artist Parking Permit today at Queen St. Fare, a new music venue and food hall.

As owners of the permit, Queen St. Fare can loan it to musicians and artists, allowing them to load and unload their equipment worry-free when parked in a loading zone near the venue’s entrance.

Permits cost $50 each and can be purchased by venues that frequently host musical acts.

This permit is the latest initiative from the Ottawa Music Strategy, which has an ultimate goal of turning Ottawa into a Music City. Approved by Council earlier this year, the strategy outlines the City’s commitment to the music industry by outlining a series of actions to be taken over the next two years.

The strategy was developed in partnership with the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition, a membership-based non-profit organization that represents and serves the local music industry and its stakeholders. Other projects within the music strategy include:

  • The MadeMill Innovation Pod, a multi-use mobile technology studio designed for entrepreneurs. It was developed at Bayview Yards by protoypeD TEAM and provides a creative space that can be used in a multitude of ways.
  • #ottmusik: a lineup of music provided by 25 local singers, bands and musicians that plays for anyone waiting on hold after calling the City of Ottawa.