Honourable Philippe Couillard
Premier of Québec



I am writing to express my dismay at your government’s recent decision to move forward and pass Bill 62 into law. This regressive legislation is an infringement of the fundamental Charter Right of freedom of individuals to express their religion in the manner they choose and discriminates against women who chose to express that freedom.

Residents of the City of Ottawa interact regularly with government services in the City of Gatineau and I am saddened that, in doing so, they will not enjoy the same freedoms as they do in Ottawa.

I trust you have no expectation that the City of Ottawa’s bus drivers, who also serve residents of the City of Gatineau, will take any steps to enforce this legislation and, to be abundantly clear, they will be instructed not to. The City of Ottawa will not be a party to this infringement of constitutional freedoms.

I sincerely hope that, with the opportunity for reflection, your government will abandon what can only be described as a thinly-veiled appeal to populist sentiment, in light of the divisive effects of similar efforts to which we have been witness of late.


Jim Watson
City of Ottawa