Deepak Chopra,

The purpose of this letter is to seek clarification from Canada Post following its public declaration of July 25th, 2017, that, due to “concerns regarding safety and bike lanes in Toronto” you have directed your employees “to not park in bike lanes in the City of Toronto.”

It is the expectation of the City of Ottawa that Canada Post issue instructions to all of its employees to operate continuously in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act and all applicable federal and provincial laws as well as municipal by-laws while performing their duties.

Vehicles stopping in, or otherwise obstructing, dedicated cycling lanes represents a serious public safety hazard for cyclists and motorists alike, and is contrary to the City’s Traffic and Parking By-law.  We would like to remind you that the City’s by-laws are enforceable on a crown corporation.  Additionally, when a Canada Post vehicle obstructs a cycling lane it further exacerbates traffic congestion, particularly in the downtown core, and is contrary to the City’s public policy goal of providing a safe city-wide cycling ecosystem, as detailed in the Ottawa Cycling Plan.

We were encouraged to read in the Metro that Canada Post spokesperson Jon Hamilton recently said that, “our employees are expected to follow the traffic laws when serving customers, which includes no-stopping zones like bike lanes.”  The City of Ottawa is formally requesting that an official statement be made similar to the one issued to your Toronto-based employees here in Ottawa to Canada Post employees.  The City further requests official assurance that your employees are aware that obstructing cycling lanes is always dangerous and not an acceptable practice.  Should Canada Post employees experience problematic areas for making deliveries, the City would be pleased to work with you to develop possible mitigation solutions to keep our city and economy moving. As good neighbours, the City of Ottawa is committed to working with Canada Post to find operational solutions to your specific delivery challenges.

We look forward to your response. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Mayor’s Office directly.


Jim Watson                                                        Keith Egli
Mayor                                                                 Chair, Transportation Committee
City of Ottawa                                                   City of Ottawa