Mayor Jim Watson and Ward Councillor David Chernushenko, today presented the Mayor’s City Builder Award to Ms. Allison Dingle for her outstanding community service, aptitude for fundraising, and for her numerous contributions to the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra (OSO).

Allison Dingle is described by those who know her as the “heart and soul” of the OSO working tirelessly behind the scenes. A member of the OSO Board of Directors since 1978 and Chair of the Fund Raising Committee since 1986, Allison has played an integral part in securing corporate sector sponsors, as well as public donors, ensuring that the orchestra continues to play a vital cultural role in our city promoting Canadian talent through employment of local and regional musicians, the engagement of Canadian soloists and regular inclusion of Canadian works.

Allison also actively volunteers for the Centretown Emergency Food Centre, and has canvassed for over 20 years as an area captain for the Canadian Cancer Society. She also gives back to her Glebe community and is involved with the Centretown Churches Social Action Committee.