Like many, we were deeply concerned to hear about the recent incidents involving the City’s Long Term Care Homes. We have been assured that safeguards are in place to prevent future occurrences. As you may know, the City was recently issued a “Director Referral Order” from the provincial Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Since the incidents were first reported on June 29th, 2017, the City has worked on a plan to respond to these serious incidents. Consultation with stakeholders, including residents and families within each of the City’s four long-term care homes, is planned for this fall.

That being said, the purpose of this memorandum is to let you know that we have asked staff to bring forward a formal presentation at Community and Protective Services Committee no later than September 21st on the ongoing work that is underway to address recent concerns in the City’s Long Term Care facilities.

Specifically, we have requested that the City Manager outline:


  • A detailed accounting of what is involved in a “Director’s Referral Order” from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care;
  • The plan in place to ensure adequate and appropriate supervision of non-regulated staff by registered nursing staff per the College of Nurses best practice guidance document;
  • The strategy to ensure all staff who provide direct care to residents do so in accordance with the resident’s plan of care;
  • An outline of the specific strategies underway to appropriately care for residents with dementia of various cultural backgrounds;
  • Details of the plan to provide in person training for staff on the prevention of abuse and neglect, mandatory reporting and the licensee’s policy to promote zero tolerance of abuse and neglect of residents;
  • An update on the plan to be submitted following the meetings and town halls that the City of Ottawa has scheduled to identify opportunities to improve care and services to residents and prevent abuse and neglect of residents.  Please detail how the plan will identify the specific strategies that will be implemented by the City of Ottawa in our municipal homes.
  • The policies and procedures in place for all long-term care homes in the Province of Ontario through the regulations required by the Long-Term Care Homes Act 2007 (LTCHA) including the regular and random compliance inspections conducted by the Ministry;
  • The protections outlined in the City Long-Term Care Residents’ Bill of Rights;
  • The role of Accreditation Canada, which conducts peer reviews to assess the quality of programs with a team of assessors completing on-site visits every four years to review operations from several aspects to validate that required operational practices and standards are being met. Provide the record of the City of Ottawa’s Long-Term Care homes in terms of these reviews and compliance records;
  • A detailed review of the requirements for proof of education for all staff hired in LTC to meet the legislative qualifications for the appropriate positions and outline how staff must submit a police records check in order to work with the vulnerable sector before they start working in the Home;
  • Detail the comprehensive orientation required of staff before they assume their duties within the Home. Ensure that the review covers all vital safety and security processes to effectively and respectfully provide direct and indirect care to residents;
  • Detail the annual training for staff including Abuse-Prevention training;
  • Outline the processes and procedures that are in place to ensure employees understand how to recognize abuse, how it can be prevented, and what to do if abuse is witnessed.
  • A full accounting of how staff are required to review the Home’s practice annually and acknowledge that they have read and understood the LTCHA’s requirements and how this is enforced.

After the consultations this fall are completed, we have asked that Members of Council be briefed on the extent of the planning, outcomes of these meetings and next steps towards implementation.

We have asked the City Manager to personally oversee this review and report back to Members of Council through the standing committee process. We continue to be deeply concernd about the issues that have been raised about the treatment of some of our most vulnerable citizens. We would like to remind Members of Council that the “Director’s Referral Order” is in relation to the incidents originally reported in June and are not a result of new or recent incidents.

Please contact the City Manager directly if you have specific concerns regarding this request for review.