Mayor Jim Watson and Ward Councillor Peter Clark, today presented the Mayor’s City Builder Award to Ms. Laura Bouchard for her dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to providing residents of Ottawa with local, organic, and secure food sources.

Laura Bouchard is described by those who know her as a visionary. She believed that people within cities could live differently by taking unused land and making it productive and sustainable by growing vegetables and selling them to the people who lived here.

Over the past two-years, Laura has overseen a two acre farm consisting of land sprinkled throughout front and back yards around the city providing young and old alike with knowledge and experience about farming, growing and preparing healthy organic food. Her produce has made it on to numerous dinner plates throughout Ottawa, which includes donations to the Ottawa Food Bank, the Catholic Centre for Immigrants, and to other residents in need.

Laura has become a valuable resource for new entrepreneurs by teaching them how to start a business on a shoe-string including small business marketing. She also shares her skills with volunteers and those who want to learn more about organic gardening. She truly is an inspiration and has become the voice for urban agriculture.