Mayor Jim Watson and College Ward Councillor Rick Chiarelli today presented the Mayor’s City Builder Award to Mrs. Kathy Yach and Mr. Hi Carswell for their extensive volunteer work, community service, and their many contributions to the Copeland Park Community.

Kathy and Hi have worked closely together as President and Vice-president of the Copeland Park Community Association (CPCA), and have built on many successes over the years to preserve the safe and tranquil integrity of their community while ensuring there are readily available and well-maintained recreational facilities in the area.

Both Kathy and Hi are well-known for their leadership abilities, volunteerism and their dedication to the community. They are recognized for many accomplishments resulting from their can-do attitude and solutions-focused approach. Together, this dynamic duo has successfully addressed traffic and safety concerns in the area of Merivale Road and Clyde Avenue through the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). They succeeded in maintaining Maitland Avenue as a truck-free route and have worked diligently to improve the safety of other high-volume intersections in the area.

In addition to addressing many concerns and issues in their community, they made submissions to the Government of Ontario and to the Planning Committee of the City of Ottawa regarding the Official Plan. They blocked the development of a water park on Carlington Ski Hill to preserve important community amenities and they also worked to mitigate the impact that the SmartCentres development on the former Laurentian High School site at Baseline Road and Clyde Avenue would have on the Copeland Park Community.

Their accomplishments include raising more than $50,000 to hire lawyers and other professionals to assist them in various initiatives. They take enormous pride in their community and their greatest legacy is the quality of life in the neighbourhood enjoyed by long-time residents and, in many cases, their children and extended families that have chosen to reside in the area.