Ottawa – Downtown Moves, the plan for how people will move around Ottawa’s downtown core in the future, has won four awards from national, international and regional planning associations.

“We are building a better city, creating practical transportation links and enhancing the public spaces for our residents and their families, block by block,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “I congratulate the Transportation Committee and Planning and Growth Management staff for their work on this successful project.”

“We are building an integrated transportation system downtown with strong pedestrian links, good vehicular access, much better cycling facilities and greatly improved street landscapes. Downtown Moves delivered the plan to make this happen and we are implementing it,” said Councillor Keith Egli, Chair of Transportation Committee. “The impact of this plan is City-wide too as the demonstration street designs developed for Downtown Moves were used to help shape the City’s approach to “complete streets” planning for today and the future.”

The four awards received by Downtown Moves are:

 – The Canadian Institute of Planners 2014 Award for Planning Excellence in sustainable mobility, transportation and infrastructure.

 – The 2014 National Citation Award from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects.

 – The Award of Merit for Visions and Master Plans from the 2013 Ottawa Urban Design Awards.

 – The 2013 Merit Award in the International Downtown Association Achievement Awards.

Downtown Moves was implemented by the Transportation Planning Branch of the Department of Planning and Growth Management. The plan demonstrates how streets can be effectively redesigned and rebuilt once 47,000 commuters are arriving downtown each morning via the Confederation Line light rail in 2018, rather than on the heavy surface bus traffic of today.

The plan is available at

The first major initiative to come out of the plan is the Queen Street Renewal Project where construction is scheduled to begin this summer.