Ottawa – The partnership between the City of Ottawa and the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 503 continues to beat financial targets and resulted in a $600,582 operating surplus in 2011 for its solid waste collection operations.

“We continue to be proud of the savings achieved for taxpayers through the hard work of the City and its labour union partners,” Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said. “We value the strong working relationship we have with CUPE and look forward to the continued success of the in-house solid waste collection group.”

“This partnership continues to provide cost savings for our taxpayers,” said Councillor Maria McRae, Environment Committee Chair. “Residents are receiving top notch service and the City is getting excellent value for taxpayers’ money.”

Brian Madden, President of CUPE Local 503, said that this partnership showcases the hard work being done by union members in the collection group and is a fine example of the excellent service provided to the community by all CUPE Local 503 employees.

“All our members work hard every day to serve their fellow citizens,” Mr. Madden said. “By partnering with the City on solid waste collection, we’ve created a situation where everyone wins: employees, the municipality and taxpayers.”

In 2006, City of Ottawa Council approved and awarded a six-year contract for waste collection in the downtown core to City Staff. The contract award resulted from a managed competition process that was overseen by a fairness commissioner.