Ottawa –  The City of Ottawa has developed a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for Montreal Road, between North River Road and the Aviation Parkway in Vanier. Pending Council approval, the proposed plan would stimulate urban renewal and economic development, helping to revitalize the community.

The City collaborated with Quartier Vanier BIA and worked closely with local business and property owners to establish the CIP. The result is an innovative approach that will have a significant impact on our collective efforts to attract investment and spur economic growth and renewal in Vanier.

Community Improvement Plans provide incentives for property owners to invest in the redevelopment of lands and buildings that are underutilized, or in need of renovation. The Montreal Road CIP focuses on the specific needs of the community by offering incentives that will also encourage the development of affordable housing, cultural activities and social enterprises, as well as create jobs.

The CIP is designed to promote urban renewal by offering Tax Increment Equivalent Grants for eligible property-improvement projects. It will generate investments that will create employment opportunities in Vanier while improving the livability and cultural vibrancy of the area.

The City will reimburse property owners 75 per cent of the increment in the municipal property tax each year for a maximum of 10 years. These grants would be calculated on the increase in municipal property taxes, resulting from a minimum of $50,000 in uplift value created through redevelopment.

The unique aspect of the Montreal Road CIP is that it offers increased incentives for projects that respond to the specific needs of the community. As part of this plan, developments that dedicate space to affordable housing, cultural activities or social enterprises will receive a grant equal to 100 per cent of the municipal tax increase, instead of the regular 75 per cent.

Once approved, the CIP would launch concurrently with the planned renewal of Montreal Road’s infrastructure in 2019, providing a unique opportunity to reshape this important corridor and develop its full potential. This project is part of Vision Vanier, a series of City initiatives with intersecting goals to revitalize the neighbourhood and build a livable, prosperous and vibrant Vanier for residents and businesses alike.

Projects tied to Vision Vanier include:

  • Vanier Neighbourhood Revitalization Strategy
  • Montreal Road Revitalization
  • Montreal Road Community Improvement Plan
  • Vanier Cultural Revitalization
  • Vanier Public Art Program


“This Community Improvement Plan will help us revitalize the neighbourhood and jumpstart economic growth and renewal in Vanier. It will also respond to the specific needs of the community by preserving and encouraging the development of space for affordable housing, cultural activities and social enterprises.”

Mayor Jim Watson, City of Ottawa

“This is an exciting time for Vanier. We have a unique opportunity to reshape Montreal Road and develop its potential, thanks to the renewal of the street’s infrastructure happening in tandem with the proposed investment incentives of the CIP. Our vision is to see this important corridor become an environment where people want to live and do business.”

Councillor Mathieu Fleury, Rideau-Vanier Ward