Ottawa – The Manotick Mill Quarter Community Development Corporation, which was established by the City of Ottawa to save and redevelop key heritage properties in the core of the Manotick Village, is being dissolved after the sale of three properties.

“The City stepped in when there was a lot of concern in the community about the future of Manotick’s heritage,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “We acquired several properties, set up a development corporation, and then recovered most of our funds through the sale of the buildings to new owners who will put the properties to good use. It’s a great win for Manotick and for the City of Ottawa.”

“We have managed to save heritage buildings that are in the heart of Manotick, while encouraging new uses for these buildings and providing opportunities for new business ventures,” said Rideau Goulbourn Councillor Scott Moffatt. “We are preserving our community’s history, while adding to the vibrancy and economic prosperity of our community for years to come.”

The Manotick Mill Quarter Community Development Corporation acquired six properties in the Mill Quarter, consulted with residents about possible development that would fit the community character, and then put the properties up for sale. Three of the six properties listed received good offers, while one property was retained by the City for the Remembrance Park development.

The remaining two properties, Dickinson House and the Carriage Shed, did not generate viable offers. The Board of the Manotick Mill Quarter Community Development Corporation recommended that the City keep public ownership of these two buildings, which is strongly supported in the community.

Today, the City’s Finance and Economic Development Committee approved a report that recommends retaining Dickinson House and the Carriage Shed and dissolving the development corporation. The report will go to City Council next for its consideration on November 9.