February 24, 2016 – For the fifth consecutive year, the City of Ottawa has been named one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers in a competition that recognizes organizations for their exceptional workplace diversity and inclusion programs.

The winners were selected by editors at MediaCorp and are featured in a special section of today’s Globe and Mail.

“The City is working to implement best practices for creating a diverse workforce by strengthening partnerships with community organizations and building new ways to enhance diversity and inclusion,” said Mayor Jim Watson.

The competition judges recognized the municipality for its commitment to reflect, in its workforce, the diversity of the Ottawa community. In particular, the judges selected the City as a national leader for:

  • its immigration strategy, which incorporates employment initiatives and economic development programs. The judges lauded the Annual Immigrant Entrepreneurship Awards, which recognizes the achievements of new Canadians, and the Professional Internship for Newcomers Program, which provides temporary work placements for newcomers.
  • its partnership with Hire Immigrants Ottawa to host an annual coaching event for new Canadian job-seekers
  • its role as a member of the Employment Accessibility Resource Network (EARN), an initiative to help persons with disabilities find employment, and as the host for EARN’s annual career fair, which attracted more than 155 job-seekers with disabilities in 2014, the career fair’s first year

“We are shaping the City’s future with a Corporate Diversity Plan and departmental strategic plans that outline how the City will continue to remove barriers and create opportunities for residents,” said City Manager Kent Kirkpatrick.

The Mayor and City Manager thanked and congratulated City employees, who are continuously developing ways to improve services, access and business practices to reflect the community’s burgeoning diversity.