Ottawa –  The City celebrated today the 40th anniversary of the Mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orléans (MIFO) today at the 13th Annual Francophone RendezVous with the Mayor. While pursuing its mission of promoting francophone culture and providing educational, artistic and community activities and services to residents of Orléans and Ottawa, MIFO has become the largest Franco-Ontarian Cultural Centre.

MIFO was borne out of a project by high school students at École secondaire catholique Garneau in 1978 and the work of some members of the Orléans Chamber of Commerce at the time. For the past four decades, MIFO has experienced constant growth, offering a wide variety of cultural and community programming along with educational services for children.

The Francophone RendezVous provides members of Council and City staff with an opportunity to meet with francophone leaders and residents, highlight Francophone municipal supports and services to the community and celebrate Francophone culture in Ottawa.

Amongst its accomplishments this year, the City has:

  • Added more francophone programming in rural areas, in particular Osgoode and Metcalfe
  • Established partnerships with organizations like Retraite en Action and Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre Est to grow its French recreational programming in the western part of the city.

The City of Ottawa is also proud to have to date contributed $ 529,000 for the building of a new gymnasium for the MIFO expansion project.


“Our francophone community has a rich cultural heritage that has helped shape Ottawa. Organizations like MIFO help protect and promote our unique francophone culture in our city. For the past 40 years, MIFO has provided rich cultural, artistic and recreational programming to many generations of francophone residents in Ottawa’s east end. MIFO’s future is promising and I hope it maintains its impressive rate of growth.”

– Mayor Jim Watson, City of Ottawa

“Every year, the Mayor’s Francophone breakfast provides an opportunity to highlight the contributions made by an Ottawa organization to the francophone and francophile community. MIFO is truly honoured to be this year’s choice, especially in light of our 40th anniversary celebrations. The organization has been contributing to the growth of the Francophone and Francophile community since 1979. To date, three generations have enjoyed the benefits of our programs and services, which continue to stimulate the francophone community in Orléans and promote its development across Ottawa. MIFO is truly a family and community affair!”

– Trèva Cousineau, President, Mouvement d’implication francophone d’Orléans

Key Facts

  • More than 9.5 million people in Canada keep the French language alive and share their heritage with their fellow Canadians.
  • Almost one Franco-Ontarian in four lives in Ottawa. Proud of its bilingual status, the City of Ottawa provides quality services in French and in English to its residents.
  • The City of Ottawa is part of the Réseau des villes francophones et francophiles d’Amérique which creates links between francophone communities that foster tourism, economic and cultural benefits.