August 31, 2016 – Mayor Jim Watson and Innes Ward Councillor Jody Mitic presented 13-year-old Annaka Boucher with a Commendation for Bravery today in recognition of her actions to protect her younger brother and sister during a July 5 kitchen fire.

Annaka was babysitting her younger siblings when she heard the smoke alarm go off and smelled smoke coming from the kitchen, where a toaster had caught fire. Annaka quickly enacted the family’s fire-escape plan and evacuated her brother and sister to a neighbour’s home.

“I encourage all residents to follow the example of Annaka and the Boucher family by establishing and practicing a home fire-escape plan,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “Although the fire caused some damage, we are thankful that there were no injuries in a situation that could have been much worse”

In addition to practicing the plan, the Boucher family had discussed why it is important to get out fast and not search for the family’s two cats during an emergency. Thankfully, firefighters were able to safely locate both pets which had retreated to somewhere safe in the house.

“Annaka’s quick thinking was instrumental in this fire being stopped quickly and, most importantly, in keeping everyone safe,” said Councillor Mitic. “I also want to commend our emergency responders for their quick and professional actions that day.”